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Coaxial Components and Cables

Detectors, Mixers and Modulators

Type Description Photo Price
General Microwave D1958 Modulator, Absorptive, 8-18GHz, SMA-Connectors 210 €
General Microwave D1960-201 Modulator, Absorptive, 0.5-4GHz, SMA-Connectors 170 €
General Microwave D1962-2 Modulator, Absorptive, 2-8GHz, SMA-Connectors 170 €
Hewlett-Packard / Agilent / Keysight 423A Crystal Detector, 10MHz-12.4GHz, negative, connectors N, BNC(f) 80 €
Narda 4503.02 Detector, 0.01-18GHz, SMA(m) to SMC(f), negative polarity, replaceable diode can be reversed for positive polarity 120 €
RHG DMH2-22 Mixer, double balanced, SMA-Connectors 90 €
Sivers Labs PM 7511 Detector, SMA-connectors 50 €
TRM Technical Research and Manufacturing MDS510 Mixer, balanced, 8-12.4GHz, SMA 90 €
TRM Technical Research and Manufacturing MSQ510 Mixer, balanced, 8-12.4GHz, SMA 90 €
Watkins-Johnson M88C Mixer, SMA-Connectors 90 €

This list represents only parts of our program. All prices do not include any additional taxes.
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No responsibility taken for the correctness of this information. Pictures are examples for product type.

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