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Coaxial Components and Cables


Type Description Photo Price
Anritsu A3HC2107 High Speed Driver for optical modulators 30kHz - 10GHz, rise-/falltime 35ps, output voltage 5 - 7,5Vpp, gain 20dB 380 €
Avantek AMC-4030M RF-Amplifier, 2-4GHz, 20dB, 15V, SMA 130 €
Avantek AMT-18006M RF-Amplifier, GaAs-FET, 12-18GHz, 25dB, 12V, SMA 220 €
Mini-Circuits GAL-TB Test Board for GAL and GALI wide band amplifier modules, NOS 50 €
SAT Societe Anonymé de Telecomm. IR500 RF-Amplifier, 20-200MHz, 30dB, 12V, SMA 140 €

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