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Other Manufacturers


Type Description Photo Price  
Amphenol-Tuchel P2251B Variable Resistor, 10 turns, 10kOhm +/- 3%, linearity 0,1% 50 € RFQ
Anritsu 33VV50B Precison Adapter 1.85mm/V(m) - 1.85mm/V(m), DC - 65GHz, VSWR < 1,22 550 € RFQ
Anritsu 34VFK50 Precison Adapter 1.85mm/V(f) - 2.92mm/K(m), DC - 40GHz, VSWR < 1,30 160 € RFQ
Anritsu 3671V50-1 Pair of Testportcables, 65GHz, 25" long ( approx. 63 cm), connectors 1.85mm/V(m), with adapters 1.85mm(f/f) 2800 € RFQ
Anritsu SC6599 Calibration Kit in "K", DC-40GHz, includes terminations, shorts, opens, gauges, airlines, adapters, sliding loads, torque wrench, obviously unused! 3500 € RFQ
Applied Physics & Electronics GmbH WaveCheck Wavelength Meter, for pulsed and CW-Laser, 450-1000nm, resolution 0,1nm, accuracy CW: 0.5nm, pulsed 1nm, RS-232 interface 990 € RFQ
Benning Elektrotechnik & Elektronik 48D80 DMC3 Charging Power Supply, TEBECHOP Series, 48V, 80A, Input 400V/12A 950 € RFQ
Benning Elektrotechnik & Elektronik DUSPOL analog LED, Art.-Nr. 050261 Voltage Tester/Phase Sequence Tester, range 12V - 1000V, according to IEC/DIN/EN 61243-3, obviously unused, NOS (new old stock), 20 € RFQ
Clarke-Hess 828 AC/DC-Quelle, 4 Voltage Ranges 1V to 1000V(1100V), 5 Current Ranges 1mA to 10A, frequencies 50, 60 and 400Hz 1100 € RFQ
Clarke-Hess 835 Phase shifter, resolution 0.02°, 1Hz - 100kHz 1400 € RFQ
Croydon Precision Instruments NN Reference Resistor for DC, 4-wire, 10kOhm, 0.005% 90 € RFQ
Croydon Precision Instruments NN Reference Resistor for DC, 2-wire, 100kOhm, 0.01% 90 € RFQ
Croydon Precision Instruments RS3-1 (Burster) Reference Resistor for DC, 4-wire, 1Ohm, 0.01% 90 € RFQ
Datron 1271-10 Digital Multimeter, 8.5 digits, with option AC-converter 1900 € RFQ
Datron CS1 Current Shunt Set, one each per decade from 10uA to 1A, all contained in a box with handle 590 € RFQ
Datum/Symmetricom System 2000 GPS-disciplined time-/frequencystandard with Rubidium-Oscillator, active antenna, frequency stability 8x10EXP-13, 1PPS in- and outputs, 10MHz/0,5V sine output 1700 € RFQ
Elektro-Automatik GmbH PS 8500-30 Power Supply, 500V, 30A, 5000W, analogue controlable, Power Input 400V, 3-phase, like new condition 1800 € RFQ
EIP 578B-01-02-05 Microwavecounter, source locking 26.5GHz, with options D/A-converter, power measurement and high stability timebase 2850 € RFQ
Elekluft LVE 1-10, Modell 2x5 Distribution Amplifier, 2 inputs to 5 outputs each, especially for 10MHz Systems 450 € RFQ
EMCO (ETS Lindgren) 7405 Close Field Probe Set, comes with probes for magnetical fields from 50Hz - 2GHz and electrical fields up to 20GHz, preamplifier 300Hz - 600MHz 1050 € RFQ
Electronic Navigation Industries ENI 411LA Power Amplifier, 10W, 150kHz - 300MHz 2200 € RFQ
Flann Microwave 1211 + 2x 12093-NF10 Precision Attenuator, Rotary Vane type, 0-60dB, 3,95 - 6Hz, Waveguide WR187, comes with two adapters to N(f) 350 € RFQ
Gossen-Metrawatt 33K 7EU5/2x25R1D Triple Power Supply, Series LSP-Konstanter, ranges 7V/5A and 2x25V/1A 220 € RFQ
Gossen-Metrawatt MetraHit Especial 230 € RFQ
Gossen-Metrawatt UOP63K100RU2,5P UOP-Power Supply, 100V, 2,5A, source and sink operation, can be used as bipolar power amplifier as well, IEEE 950 € RFQ
Grundig RT4 Variable Isolating Transformer, 300VA, instrument for voltage 220 € RFQ
Grundig RT5A Variable Isolating Transformer, 800VA, separated instruments for voltage and current 350 € RFQ
Heiden Electronics 1136-042 mit 1136-80x DC-Source and -Sink, 42V, 10/20A, up to 100A for 10ms possible with supplied Current Booster, simulates automotive start ups (DIN 40839) 980 € RFQ
Hameg Instruments 8132 Programmable Universal Counter, 2 channel DC-200MHz, third channel 100MHz-3GHz, version with RS-232-interface 790 € RFQ
Hameg Instruments HZ188 Testadapter for SMD devices, unused, NOS(new old stock) 190 € RFQ
Krohn-Hite 6400 Digital Phasemeter, 0,1° resolution, 0-360°, Range 10mV - 120V 1200 € RFQ
Kepco BOP500M-80M Bipolar Power Supply, 500V, 80mA 1200 € RFQ
LeCroy PP005 Passive Probe, 500MHz, 10:1 120 € RFQ
MSC Microwave Semiconductor Somerset MC65127 Noise Source 12,4GHz, ENR 15,5db, connectors SMA(f), 28V 420 € RFQ
Narda 300 Waveguide Termination, 8.2-12.4GHz, 1W, VSWR 1.015 40 € RFQ
Otto Wolff, Berlin N85-7a2 Standard Resistor for DC, 4-wire, 10kOhm, 0.01%, max 10mA, Manganin 120 € RFQ
Otto Wolff, Berlin N85-7a3 Standard Resistor for DC, 4-wire, 1kOhm, 0.01%, max 33mA, Manganin 120 € RFQ
Pearson 411 RF-Current Clamp, 50A max., 1Hz - 20MHz, price upon request 0 € RFQ
Pearson 4688 RF-Current Clamp, 15A max., 600Hz - 30MHz, sensitivity 1V/A, BNC output, clamp on version 850 € RFQ
Prema 5071 Digital Multimeter, 7.5 digits, with IEEE and RS-232-Interfaces 520 € RFQ
Racal 1998-04C Universal Counter, 10Hz-160MHz and 40-1300 MHz 250 € RFQ
Racal 1998-04C-055 Universal Counter, 10Hz-160MHz and 40-1300 MHz, IEEE-option 280 € RFQ
Racal 1999-04C Universal Counter, 10Hz-160MHz and 80-2600 MHz 390 € RFQ
Racal 1999-04C-055 Universal Counter, 10Hz-160MHz and 80-2600 MHz, with IEEE-option 420 € RFQ
Racal 9478-04B Distribution Amplifier for 10MHz-Systems, source internal OCXO or external reference, 10 buffered outputs 800 € RFQ
Rigol DG1022 Function-/Arbitrary-Generator, 20MHz, 100MS/s, 2-channel, USB-interface, unused, originally packed, NOS(new old stock)! 160 € RFQ
Rosenberger RPC-2.92 Termination, 50 Ohm, DC - 40GHz, 2.92mm(m) 130 € RFQ
Schaffner NSG431 ESD-Generator, 2 - 21kV, positive polarity 1400 € RFQ
Siemens 7XV5100-4 Copper Cable, 9-poles, for Interconnections between PC or PG-unit and protection device (DIGSI-cable) NOS(new old stock) 20 € RFQ
Sorensen DCR40-13B Power Supply, 40V, 13A 380 € RFQ
Sorensen DCS50-20E Power Supply, 50V, 20A, height just one EIA unit! 590 € RFQ
Spinner BN 533811 Calkit 7/16", contains Open, Short, Termination m/f, 2 dial gauges, adapters to N(m/f) and 7/16-standards(m/f) 1250 € RFQ
T.O.P. Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH MACH-Serie, C-Standard Standard Capacitors, manufactured new upon request, single version up to 10mF or decade versions possible, RF-shielded housing, ask for your tailored version! 0 € RFQ
T.O.P. Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH MACH-Serie, R-Standard Standard Resistor, manufactured new upon request, single or decade versions possible, RF-shielded housing, ask for your tailored version! 0 € RFQ
Voltech PM100 Power Analyzer, single phase, direct inputs up to 1000V and 20A, DC-250kHz, Accuracy 0.1% 820 € RFQ
Wayne-Kerr 3225L Inductance Standard for calibration purposes, 1mH, 50A, up to 100kHz 330 € RFQ
Wavetek 90 Function Generator, 1mHz - 20MHz, synthesizer, burst, balanced and unbalanced outputs, output voltage 15 V @ 50 Ohm 490 € RFQ
Yokogawa WT130 (Modellbezeichnung 253503-C1-HRM/DA12/EX2) Digital Powermeter, 3-channel, range DC and AC( 10Hz-50kHz), with options IEEE, harmonics analysis and ext. voltage input for current transformers 1450 € RFQ

This list represents only parts of our program. All prices do not include any additional taxes.
If you cannot find something you are interested in, please contact us.

No responsibility taken for the correctness of this information. Pictures are examples for product type.

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