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Type Description Photo Price
Tektronix A6303 Current Probe 100A, DC-15MHz, amplifier and power supply required 420 €
Tektronix A6303XL Current Probe 100A, DC-10MHz, extra long connecting cable, 8m, amplifier and power supply required 720 €
Tektronix AM503 Current Probe Amplifier, current probe and power supply required 290 €
Tektronix AM503-A6303-TM501 Current Probe Amplifier System, complete with probe, amplifier and power supply, range up to 100A, frequency DC to 15MHz 680 €
Tektronix CMM150 AC current clamp for DMM150, NOS (new old stock) 30 €
Tektronix CT5 AC-Current Probe, 700A, for probes A6302, P6021 and P6042 350 €
Tektronix P6021 AC-Current Probe, 120Hz - 60MHz, with termination box complete 390 €
Tektronix P6022 AC-Current Probe, 935Hz - 120MHz, with termination box complete 590 €
Tektronix P6056 Passive Probe, 10:1, DC-3.5GHz, 500 Ohm, 1pF, used 75 €
Tektronix P6056 Passive Probe, 10:1, DC-3.5GHz, 500 Ohm, 1pF, unused, new old stock 110 €
Tektronix P6131 Passive Probe, 10:1, 300MHz, 10MOhm, 10.8pF 80 €
Tektronix P6134C Passive Probe, 400MHz, 10:1 110 €
Tektronix P6201 FET Probe 900MHz, unused, new (old stock) 230 €
Tektronix P6202 FET Probe 500MHz 180 €
Tektronix P6205 FET-Probe, 750 MHz, 1MOhm, <2pF for scopes with TEK-Probe Interface 140 €
Tektronix P6231 FET Probe 1.5GHz, input impedance 1.5pF @ 450 Ohm 320 €
Tektronix P6245 Active Probe, 1.5GHz, <1pF//1MOhm, for TDS-Scope with TEKPROBE Interface, without accessories 270 €
Tektronix P6339A Passive Probe, buffers input signal to match 50 Ohm inputs, for TEK TDS794D and Tekprobe III scope inputs, 500MHz, 10MOhm, 8pF 370 €
Tektronix P6701A Optical to Electrical Converter, 500 - 950nm, max. input power 1mW, DC-700MHz, risetime <600ps, TEKPROBE-Interface 350 €
Tektronix P6703A Optical to Electrical Converter, 1100 - 1700nm, max. input power 1mW, DC-1GHz, risetime <500ps, TEKPROBE-Interface 250 €
Tektronix SD14-01 Sampling Head with option extended cable length 690 €
Tektronix TAP1500 Active Probe, DC-1.5GHz, 1MOhm//1pF, for scopes with TEK VPI-Interface, with complete set of accessories 890 €
Tektronix TAP1500 Active Probe, DC-1.5GHz, 1MOhm//1pF, for scopes with TEK VPI-Interface, offer without any accessory! 810 €
Tektronix TCA-BNC Adapter TekConnect to TEKPROBE, BNC, 50 Ohm 220 €
Tektronix TCA-SMA Adapter TekConnect to SMA(f) 220 €
Tektronix TM501 Power Supply, 1 slot 120 €
Tektronix TM503 Power Supply, 3 slots 130 €

This list represents only parts of our program. All prices do not include any additional taxes.
If you cannot find something you are interested in, please contact us.

No responsibility taken for the correctness of this information. Pictures are examples for product type.

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